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Detective Min in deep thought


 1991.06.28 KANG MIN HYUK 

Minshin waiting at the backstage
Minshin waiting at the backstage

[10/26 Yong Lyrics] Man in Front of the Mirror 

Cnblue introductions at Day Day Up

- Happy Birthday to our favorite leader, Jung Yonghwa.

Jonghyun singing The Girl From Ipanema

"Meat so good, you just…" 

(MH ver.)/(JS ver.)


140616 CNBLUE Facebook Update

[Can’t Stop Live Concert in Shanghai]
Impressive Birthday party for Jung YongHwa and Kang MinHyuk, dear Boice China, thanks a lot as always :] 

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Flawless Minhyuk hairflip 

[Trans] The FNC 02 - Imagine



Minhyuk: If I own my own business, I want to run a bar by myself, a cocktail bar. Or a barista? I want to run a coffee shop too. Or a pasta restaurant. Whatever it is, I must run it myself. I will be a chef or bartender or barista to manage it myself. Jungshin will be better if he is requested to work with someone rather than doing something for himself. He doesn’t suit for being on the top and I think he can’t manage it. I think I can’t give it to his own hand. (laugh) We call him ‘Minus touch’. Whatever Jungshin touches, it’s broken or it goes wrong. So I don’t want to let him touch it. Jonghyun will do well by himself, what he likes. A gym?
Yonghwa hyung will do well any business, but he needs someone. But if that person is Jungshin, it will be ‘the best’ or ‘the worst’. It may be very successful or Yonghwa hyung will fail because of Jungshin (laugh). 
Yonghwa hyung has once said as a joke that if he starts entertainment business, he is the president, I am in charge of financial, Jonghyun hyung manages trainees and give them training, Jungshin is just his right arm. (laugh)


Yonghwa: Jungshin can’t own a business. I am the owner, Jungshin is my partner. He’ll be in charge of running errands. He’d have to drive too. Minhyuk will be in responsible for financial and Jonghyun as trainer? We all four like beef, so all of us can open a beef restaurant. Again I am the president, I make all the decisions. Minhyuk will also manage money matters. Jonghyun manages real estate or meeting with outsiders, sales part. Jungshin is at service part. Serving at the hall and counter.


Jonghyun: I will do something but I have no idea what I will do. Earning bigger money would be good. (laugh) I think I will work about real estate. I will drag Yonghwa in as a co-president, Minhyuk is a counselor, Jungshin will work at the counter, answering phone calls. (laugh)


Jungshin: I won’t do anything by myself. If we four work together, I agree that I can’t be the president.(laugh) Chief manager would suit for me. All the practical business is done by chief manager. As you know, from elementary school days, my future dream was CEO, but everyone says that I am not.(laugh) So, when everyone says ‘Yes’, who can say ‘No’ is the chief manager, that’s my future figure.

Translation credits @saturnkr